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A box of cupcakes. You can select up to two flavours per box of 12 cupcakes. Our flavours are:


Vanilla bean cake - moist sponge made topped with Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream ​


Banana Caramel cake - moist banana cake with caramel buttercream. ​

Oreo cake - vanilla bean chocolate chip cake with cookie dough and crushed oreo buttercream filling. ​


Coconut Cream cake - light and fluffy cake sweet coconut with a tasty coconut buttercream. ​


Carrot cake - moist sponge made with carrots, raisins, dates and walnuts layered with ginger cream cheese buttercream ​


Red Velvet cake - red coloured velvet textured moist cake with sweet cream cheese buttercream. ​


Chocolate cake - rich and luscious chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. ​


Vegan Red Velvet cake - moist red cake with tasty vegan buttercream.

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